Holiday Decorating Has Begun!

November 20, 2019 2 min read

Holiday Decorating Has Begun!

The holidays are upon us!  Like it or not, once Halloween is here it’s time!  We love the holidays! Leslie I’m going to talk about how I LOVE to decorate and how I include my kids in the process.  So, yes, my house is a little crazy when it comes to decor…

Every year we discuss starting in literally October what our theme is going to be for the tree.  This year’s theme is inspired by our family trip to Denmark this past summer. We will be using lots of rose gold, aqua blue, pewter, and navy.  We will tie in some snowflakes as best we can considering we live at the beach near Los Angeles so we hardly have a winter! First step is go through all the decor we already have.  I usually augment with some themes shatterproof ornaments for color--this year it was Amazon and Target. So much fun! 


Decorating is definitely a family affair for us here,  My husband does the lights, my daughter and I do the decor (theme) stuff, and my son piles all the ornaments in one spot and almost gives me a heart attack he’s going to break something!  I have collected ornaments since I was in high school and all through my travels so each ornament that goes on the tree has a story. We always talk about where they came from and relive that moment.  Many think my tree is fancy, but if you look closely you will find all the fun kid’s ornaments on there too. Having these from each of my kids is very important to me.  


Tell us your favorite holiday decorating details! We want to know.


Xx Leslie & the Lucky Jade team