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We're all in this Together

by Angela Martin |

To all our loyal fans, customers, and friends…

I sit here today trying to write something meaningful.  And really what’s even meaningful right now? As most of us feel this here goes: 

The biggest question currently is what in the world do I do with my kids and myself?  How do we stay safe and keep those around us safe?  

The first thing I’m practicing is staying away from crowds, limiting my time in stores or establishments and trying to stay calm.  For ourselves here at home, it’s really all I can do or control.

I have cancelled all my appointments for the usual things I like, ie my nails and hair. I have decided to cook things I’ve never taken the time for with ingredients I have.  I’m choosing what projects I need to get done and those I want to do or try.  

In terms of Lucky Jade, we are continuing to ship orders as they come and are pausing any new releases of product  for the moment until we feel better about what’s going on out there. But, trust me, there are some great new projects in the works that need creative attention so we will work on that for sure! 

Call your friends and family...sing a little High School Musical “We’re all  in this together” and enjoy the time with your kids. If you want to see a little more behind the can follow along on where I will share what I’m doing at home during this four week break from school.  

Love to you all,


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