Strawberry Fields Forever

June 09, 2020 2 min read

3 girls sitting in dot darling dress, strawberry dress, and ice cream dress

The events in the past week have lead to a lot of deep thought and action.  We have taken the time we needed and are now ready to bring you a whole lot of happiness because Lucky Jade’s Summer Collection is finally here!  It’s a whole new look and approach, fueled greatly from the world around us the past few months.  Now, take a breath and get ready to smile...

Cue the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever song, hand me a container of California strawberries and I’m so happy.   

Being a native Southern Californian, and you won’t meet many of us,  we know a good strawberry.  You always stop to buy them on your way up the coast and eat them right of the box.  You rush to your favorite Strawberry farm at the local farmer’s market the moment the season opens.  They are a symbol of Summer.  

I remember we had a strawberry pot when I was a kid, you know the one with all the cutouts that I like to call pockets?  I used to run out every day and see if we had grown a berry yet.  It was so exciting when we did, and I think jokingly there may have been three in total.  But that anticipation and excitement about running out there every day was the best energy.   

I often will refer to song lyrics and titles when I write and this is no different.  I’m a huge Beatles fan and of course love the song “Strawberry Fields Forever” but know it’s really not about berries, but stay with me folks.   The melody of the song just makes me happy.   

The new Strawberry Dress and Baby Dress are just so happy.  I love the sweet combination of pink and soft red.  When I see these colors together, it’s the perfect harmony of the sweetness of the red berries and softness of the pink behind them.  

Enjoy the fun and innocence of this print as you navigate the barbeques and picnics coming our way this summer.  

Thanks for spending a few minutes with us and we look forward to a lot more time together! 


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