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The Struggle is Real | The Mom/Life Balance

by Leslie Pitts |

Being a mom is hard.  Being an adult is hard.  We all have days that are amorphous and we don't quite know what to do with ourselves.  How do we manage it?  That's the million dollar question...but I can start with coffee.  Lots of coffee.  
I have a teenage daughter that is now fifteen.  Really, I don't need to say more.  
Teens these days are living in a MUCH different world then I did.  There is a lot of talk about social media and how that affects them which is definitely a real thing.  Not really hear to talk about that but I'll tell you a few things about how I manage a teen.  
My daughter goes to bed after I do most nights, constantly wants to be driven somewhere on a moments notice (I'm not uber okay-), and is now shopping in my closet daily!  She is wonderful, but it's an extra layer of not only stress but just more to I added a new division to my company.  So really every day is new and I just take a breath and remember how crazy it was to be that age.  I have learned to say no to her and set boundaries which isn't easy as the facials and the guilt trips that happen are interesting to say the least.  
My son is seven and in first grade.  He's funny, smart, and loves theatre and music.  He loves his legos and I don't love the mess, so that's a whole other subject.  He does need a lot of attention and being present is really challenging at times.  I work in his classroom and I really enjoy my time with the littles.  It grounds me to go back those times as they are still learning the basics.  He has a desk at my studio and is my errand buddy...and always happy to accompany me somewhere.  
The mom life struggle will be something I talk about a lot as we all go through it no matter what age our kids are.  I think finding or attempting to find the formula that works for you is key.  It's kind of like an infant...once you think you have it figured out, it changes!!!  
xx Leslie 

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