Meaningful Gifts for Everyone on Your List

December 08, 2021 3 min read

Meaningful Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Every year I say I won’t procrastinate on my holiday shopping, and yet here I am, year after year, trying to do my last-minute shopping while finding meaningful gifts for everyone on my list! If you can relate, or even if you’re just looking for that perfect gift to show your loved one how much you care, today’s blog post is for you.

Today I’m sharing my top three meaningful gifts I love to give even when I leave my shopping to the last minute! But first, I have a pro holiday tip that’s helped me many times.

Throughout the year, if your loved ones mention something they would appreciate or love that you can gift to them, write it in a note on your phone! I have a note at all times with individual lists to give me ideas when I’m running around doing my holiday shopping.

Alright, now that I’ve shared my secret sauce to surviving my last-minute shopping, let’s talk about what meaningful gifts you can give to anyone on your shopping list this year. Shipping times are predicted to be delayed this year, so shopping locally will be your best friend. Show your love for your friends and local small businesses!


Nothing comes close to a hug quite like clothing does. You can’t always be there to wrap your arms around someone, but you can send an article of clothing they can get wrapped up in instead! Have a friend who’s going to be a new parent soon? Baby clothes from local small businesses (such as yours truly) are unique and sentimental! 

Custom tees, monogrammed scarves, and even coordinating tops for parents and kids all make fun gifts your loved ones are sure to enjoy. Plus, they’ll think of you every time they wear those pieces of clothing!


This world has some talented artists who are dedicated to creating beautiful artwork that speaks to customers. Has your loved one had a difficult year? Whether they’ve endured a loss, mental health struggles, or any other number of hardships, there is guaranteed to be an artist who’s created a piece that speaks to that struggle and can bring comfort and peace to your loved one. 

If you don’t find a local artist who resonates with you, Etsy and Minted are filled with many other artists, and many offer digital downloads that you can print from home or at a local printer! 


Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t one you give, it’s one you take! What I mean by that is you can help take something off of your loved one’s to-do list. Cleaning, laundry, childcare, grocery shopping – these are just a few services where you can purchase a gift certificate that your loved one can redeem when they need a helping hand during the next year. Trust me, this gift will be very much appreciated. Instacart gift card anyone? 


For the friends who seem to have everything, give the gift of memories. What experiences do you have around your community that they would enjoy? If they have kids, consider a membership to the local zoo, children’s museum, or aquarium. 

Do they love exploring the great outdoors and traveling? A state park pass to all the different US state parks will give them countless adventures all year long! Memories are the gifts that last a lifetime and can be shared with an endless number of people. 

These are my top three meaningful gift ideas that support local communities, but  what other great gift ideas do you have for last-minute shoppers like me? Let’s support our local businesses this holiday season and give the gifts our loved ones will truly enjoy all year long!


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