Achieving Excellent Mom Style When You Don't Really Care

May 09, 2018 2 min read

Achieving Excellent Mom Style When You Don't Really Care

I love clothes. I love shoes.  I love accessories.  And I wear jeans and sneakers all the time.   
My closet is crazy, but like all of us moms out there, we go with what's easy most of the time.  I also live in a sleepy beach town in LA, so we are so casual.  That said, I've upped my game with even my casual look.  I find if I dress nicer, I'm more productive.  
There are a lot of days I work solo, so my winter go-to is jeans, a sweater, and some cute fashion sneakers or ballet flats.  If I'm on my game, maybe some hoop earrings and necklace...but most of the time its the studs I wear all the time.  Being casual doesn't mean sloppy.  Your jeans need to favorite skinnies are the high rise from Madewell and my boyfriend jeans look are Levi's.  My daughter has asked me a few times how many pairs of jeans I actually own...and I'll never answer that question!!! 
You don't need a lot of clothes to have great style (I keep telling myself that and clearly I don't listen to myself).  Define your style and what you feel good in.  I described my daily look above, but I also love dresses, especially vintage.  There is nothing better then grabbing a vintage dress at the flea market for 8 bucks and not even have to alter it.  I feel original and fresh in my vintage dresses.  
So...I could go on forever on this subject...but find a simple look that makes you feel polished and rock it.  
xx Leslie 

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