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5 Ways to Build the Perfect Gift!

by Angela Martin |

It all starts with the gift, right?  Well...maybe not. Not sure you know, but we’re a little crazy over gift wrap at Lucky Jade.  Now, I know you’re shocked, but I’m going to tell you how we would put together our perfect baby gift featuring Lucky Jade. 

Here are my five top ingredients: 

  1. Ribbon.  Preferably double-face satin ribbon as it’s the most luxurious and you don’t need to flip any ribbon around when you tie your bow.  Love to grab ribbon at Paper Source.  

  2. Plush toy. Our favorites are Jelly Cats and they pair so well with all our items. 

  3. Paper. We love the paper from Target!  It’s classic and so easy to get. 

  4. Tissue. Tissue is like icing. I love a fold of an unexpected pattern inside the box or bag. We use silver dots at Lucky Jade. Can you imagine we chose a dot?! 

  5. Card. I love a letter press or hand printed card. Or if you can’t get your hands on that, go for an embossed card. Sugar Paper is our go-to for letter press and of course, Target for embossed! 

Now onto the main gift. We have some great gift options right now.  I love the Classic Elephant Blanket in cashmere/cotton as it’s a great stroller blanket or neutral room decor. Also, will definitely not clash with any home decor! Second option is the Cashmere/Cotton Coverall. The most luxurious fiber in a functional outfit for those fancy days. Third option is our Bundles Set in Pima Cotton. The Bundle Set is a great value--footie, hat, and blanket in the softest & purest Pima Cotton.  

So take your Lucky Jade gift, place neatly on top of pleated fun tissue, gently lay your Jelly Cat down on top, beautifully wrap your box, tie with lux ribbon and voila you’re done! 

Oh  yeah, and if you want a Lucky  Jade box with your gift order...just tell us and we will do that too!  No Jelly Cat though sorry!  

Xx Leslie

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